Kamla promises a brighter future for T&T

In what ap­peared to be more of a gen­er­al elec­tion cam­paign rather than a lo­cal gov­ern­ment ral­ly, Unit­ed Na­tion­al Con­gress po­lit­i­cal leader Kam­la Per­sad-Bisses­sar dished out a list of promis­es if her par­ty re­turns to pow­er.

Rastafarian movement holds ganja rally

The Rasta­far­i­an move­ment in T&T will soon hand over a Po­si­tion Pa­per to the Of­fice of the At­tor­ney Gen­er­al.

The doc­u­ment, ac­cord­ing to ac­tivist and med­ical doc­tor, Dr An­tho­ny Pot­tinger is cur­rent­ly in its work­ing stages.