Ramesh Deosaran

Deosaran: Media must be more responsible covering reputed gang leaders

Criminologist Professor Ramesh Deosaran is batting for Police Commissioner Gary Griffith saying that the media has to be more responsible how it covers stories associated with reputed gang leaders.

Deosaran in a media release said that Commissioner Griffith should add to his comments "the extent to which widespread media publicity of gang suspects unwittingly helps to perpetrate the be-jeweled gang culture and attract recruits".

In essence, Deosaran said this would allow the media to better understand the "gangster challenges" faced by the commissioner.

Ramesh Deosaran: Bureaucratic confusion plagues PSC

The billions invested in the police service over the years have not yielded the desired results.

This from the former chairman of the police service commission Ramesh Deosaran, who says despite the investment, the institution remains wounded.

He lamented that successive governments have failed in their duty to craft policies that create improvements in the police service.

He says bureaucratic confusion is plaguing the commission.

Professor Deosaran referenced the controversy regarding the appointment of a police commissioner.