Ramona Ramdial

Ramdial calls for audit into $8 million missing from THA

Couva North MP Ramona Ramdial is calling for an update on investigations into the missing $8 million in fees meant for Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Via a news release, Ramdial is demanding answers from Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles on the matter.

She also stated that the results of an audit must be made public and has called on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to instruct his THA Chief Secretary and his Minister of Tourism to share the findings of the investigations with the public.

MP Ramona Ramdial: Angostura Holdings Has Failed the Women of Trinidad and Tobago

Member of Parliament Ramona Ramdial has called for the resignation of the Board of Directors of Angostura Holdings Limited and for a new investigation to be launched into the sexual harassment allegations.

The following is a press release from the member of parliament:

The Honourable Ramona Ramdial, Member of Parliament for Couva North is calling for the immediate resignation of the Board of Directors of Angostura Holdings Limited and for a new investigation to be launched into the sexual harassment allegations made by a former female employee.

Ramdial: THA must give account of Tobago Jazz Festival

Couva North MP Ramona Ramdial is calling on the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) to account to the nation on the viability of the Tobago Jazz Festival.

In a release issued today the Opposition MP says now that the festival is over the new Secretary of Tourism, Nadine Stewart-Phillips must come clean with to the public.

She says the festival cost taxpayers $12 million to host and a decision was taken to give the project a green light in spite of a 2016 JSC Report which claims that for 11 years has never been profitable.

Couva North MP calls for criminal charges against company responsible for green river

Couva North MP Ramona Ramdial has called for criminal charges to be laid against the parties responsible for the leak of a non-toxic chemical tracer into the Couva River on Tuesday.


Residents became worried when they saw the river turned fluorescent green after 10 am on Monday.

Ramdial: PNM's Divali celebrations an "insult"

Couva North MP Ramona Ramdial is calling the PMN’s Divali celebration an insult to the Hindu community.

In a release today, Ramdial says the PNM’s function was a Bollywood show with ministers making a spectacle of themselves. 

She deems it hypocritical of the PNM to be part and parcel of such a lavish, expensive function when temples, village councils, cultural organisations all over Trinidad and Tobago would have applied for funding to host real Divali celebrations and told by the government of reduced spending and unavailability of funds due to low energy prices.