RIC pushes closer to WASA, T&TEC rate hikes

The Regulated Industries Commission will be consulting with members of the public in late April or early May on a proposed rate increase for the T&T Electricity Commission (T&TEC) and by the end of July or early August will hold public consultations on recommended increases for the Water and Sewerage Authority.

And although there is no guarantee that the recommended increases will be implemented those with the authority to implement the recommended increases are being urged to consider the current economic challenges before asking citizens to pay more for the utilities.

New water and electricity rates coming?

Citizens may need to prepare for a change in their water and electricity rates.

The regulated industries commission has commenced the process of price reviews for the Trinidad and Tobago electricity commission – T&TEC, and the water and sewerage authority - WASA.

The price review process will consist of three phases all expected to be concluded in a one year period.

The first phase will involve the publication and circulation of the RIC document “framework and approach”, which outlines the process that the RIC will follow to conduct the reviews.

Flow cables rates to increase again, wiping out customer gains from drop in VAT

Effective September 1st, Flow customers will see a 6.3 percent increase in their residential cable packages.

The announcement was made on Flow's website today.

The new prices not only wipe out the benefits given to customers from the drop in VAT, but customers will now be required to pay more than they were paying, before VAT fell.