Raymond Tim Kee

Mayor Raymond Tim Kee issues apology for controversial statement

Port-of-Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee has issued an apology to all women and the entire country, following statements that seemed to link the death of a Japanese masquerader to a culture of lewdness but insists that his comments were taken out of context.

The apology came in the form of a statement from the Mayor's office:

Mayor defends use of Nelson Mandela Park for 'Fete With The Saints' parking

Port-of-Spain Mayor, Raymond Tim Kee is defending the use of the Nelson Mandela Park (previously known as the King George V Park), for parking in Saturday's 'Fete With the Saints' all-inclusive fete.

The fete is hosted by St Mary's College at the St Mary's Ground opposite to the Nelson Mandela Park. The Mayor assures that the park will remain green and serene but says parking will ensure there is no traffic congestion in and around the area.

The following is the statement from the Mayor's Office: