Red House

Red House open to public once more

The Red House is now open to members of the public to view Sittings of the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as public Committee meetings.

The Red House also is now available for members of the public to get married, and the site of exhibitions of prominent local artists.

Confirmation has come in a release issued today, by the Director of Corporate Communications and Productions at Parliament, Colleen Holder.

False alarm: No fire at the Red House

There was no fire at the Red House yesterday.

This is according to Colleen Holder, Director of Corporate Communications and Production at the Parliament. Holder said an emergency evacuation procedure was initiated after the fire alarm was triggered by dust caused by ongoing work.

Holder said that the Fire Service was called in as part of the emergency protocol.

PEP protests outside the Red House

On the first day of the reopening of Parliament at the Red House, members of the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) gathered outside the Red House to deliver a letter to the Prime Minister.

In the letter, the political party requested an enquiry into the activities of UDECOTT and an audit of the terms of the contracts awarded to the Corporation for the renovation of the President’s House, the President’s Cottage, the Red House and White Hall.

Dressed in orange the members started by singing the National Anthem.  They also conducted their walk gagged and silent.

Maraj: Red House a symbol of democracy’s triumph in 1990

Political commentator, Ralph Maraj, believes that there should be something to commemorate the Red House’s invasion in 1990, now that it has been returned as the home of Parliament.

Mr Maraj is a former parliamentarian and government minister. He would have been in office in the late 1990s, when the Red House still functioned as Parliament’s home.

According to Mr Maraj, installing some sort of commemorative piece at the newly renovated Red House, would be a powerful symbol to the country, of the triumph of democracy over insurgency.

Stop peeing around the Red House - Mayor

Don’t uri­nate on the Red House, there are open and clean pub­lic wash­rooms in Port-of-Spain.

This was a call made by Port-of-Spain May­or Joel Mar­tinez at City Hall yes­ter­day as he lament­ed the pub­lic’s lack of con­cern for clean­li­ness in the city.

Knox street closed

Drivers and pedestrians will no longer have access to Knox street effective today.

Access to the street will be prohibited at least until the renovation of the red house is complete.

The ministry of works and transport issued a public notice on Friday to advise the public that the portion of Knox Street, Port of Spain, situated between St Vincent and Abercromby streets, will be closed permanently (under section 38 of the highways act).

PM: After $150 million Red House restoration far from complete; May 2018 new target

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley says the Parliament can be returned to the Red House by May 2018, based on a Udecott estimate for the completion of restoration works.

Dr Rowley told Parliament today that although $150 million has been spent on designs and restoration work since 1995, the Parliament is nowhere close to returning to the Red House.

He gave the Parliament an assurance that under his Government, the Red House will be restored and be a permanent home for the Parliament.