33 sent home from Oilbelt Services Limited & Trinity Exploration

Nineteen men, all unionised employees of Oilbelt Services Limited with in excess of ten years’ service each, stood with letters of redundancy in their hands yesterday evening, contemplating how they were going to break the news to their families.

Daniel Hernandez, a gathering station attendant for the past 14 years with the Grand Ravine company, a subsidiary of Trinity Exploration and Production, said the time frame in which they were told of plans to separate them was so short they did not have time to think, much less plan ahead.

MATT in solidarity with retrenched media workers

The Media Association is standing in solidarity with media workers who are facing retrenchment.

MATT issued the following statement Thursday evening.

"The Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago stands in solidarity with dozens of media workers facing the dread and uncertainty of retrenchment.

Workers across several media houses have already been terminated and it is likely that this trend will continue across the sector.

WASA denies 600 workers sent home

The Water and Sewerage Authority is denying media reports that over 600 workers have been sent home, saying that only 31 workers on short-term projects have been given notices.

The union says there is no truth to claims that the workers' union protested outside WASA's headquarters as a result of 600 workers being sent home.

The following is WASA's press statement on the matter today:

Over 1000 retrenched since September last year

Since September of last year, at least 1046 people lost their jobs in the private sector. 

Labour Minister Jennifer Baptiste-Primus told the Parliament that some 846 workers had been sent home, as she answered a question from the Opposition about retrenchments since September 2015.

But she said those 846 employees did not include the 200 Centrin workers who were recently sent home, and ArcelorMittal workers who are temporarily laid off.

With Centrin included, that takes the figure to at least 1046.