Ria Sookdeo

National Security seeking to verify claims abductee Ria Sookdeo spotted in Venezuela

National Security Minister Edmund Dillon says government is working to confirm or dispel rumors that kidnapped victim Ria Sookdeo has been sighted in Venezuela.

Ria's father Frankie Rajkumar says so far all all leads have fallen through and he hopes that recent reports that Ria was spotted in Venezuela should be thoroughly investigated.

As Venezuelan news site Tane Tanae reports that missing Debe hairstylist Ria Sookdeo was sighted in Tucupita, her father, Frankie Rajkumar, is pleading with investigators to go across there to search for his daughter.

Ria's son prays for her return

One month ago, mother of two, Debe hairstylist Ria Sookdeo, kissed her children goodbye as she dropped them off at school. 

Minutes later, she was snatched by two men, bundled into a waiting vehicle and taken away. 

It was the last time Ellena and Torres Sookdeo saw their mother. 

At their Ragoo Village, Debe home on Friday, the children and their father, Mark, spoke fondly of happier times with Ria and opened up about how they have been coping with her disappearance.

“Prayers and hope,” Mark said. 

New suspect in Ria kidnapping case

The Criminal Intelligence Unit has released a new sketch of a suspect wanted in the abduction of Debe hairstylist Ria Sookdeo.

The artist depiction of the suspect showed that he was a man of African descent between 30-35 years old, has a brown skin complexion, 5 ft 8 inches tall, with a muscular built. 

He is said to be unkempt with big eyes, beard and sideburns and was seen wearing police operational wear.

Police have been in possession of the sketch since last week after a possible eyewitness to Sookdeo’s abduction gave information to investigators.

It's not kidnapped victim Ria Sookdeo

The decomposed body of a woman found in South Trinidad is not that of missing hairdresser Ria Sookdeo.

Police say the body belongs to someone else.

According to police the body of the woman found had a tattoo on her foot.

Sookdeo had no tattoos.

At around 9.30 am officers of the Anti-KIdnapping Unit, Criminal Gang Intelligence Unit and San Fernando CID responded to reports that a body was found three miles off  Bunsee Trace, Penal, an area police had searched one week ago.

Back to square one in search of Ria Sookdeo

The glimmer of hope the family of Ria Sookdeo felt when investigators arrested a police constable and his sister for the woman’s abduction was dashed yesterday after the suspects were released.

Sookdeo’s father, Frankie Rajkumar, said they felt some relief when police went to Rochard Road, Penal, on Sunday and arrested the suspects and impounded the black Nissan X-Trail SUV believed to be used in Sookdeo’s kidnapping. 

After learning of their release, Rajkumar said it felt like they were back to square one.

Police release former police officer detained in connection with Ria Sookdeo's abduction

Police have released a former police officer who they detained on Sunday in connection with the abduction of Ria Sookdeo.

According to reports, the man was questioned by police before being released early Monday morning.

Sookdeo was grabbed by men using a black Nissan X-Trail vehicle on Thursday morning as she dropped her children off at the Picton Presbyterian Primary School.