Ria Sookdeo

Family: We're searching day and night for her

A suspended policeman and his female relative were among three people detained after police impounded a Nissan X-Trail at a house in Penal as the search continues for abducted hairdresser Ria Sookdeo.

Although police are awaiting the results of forensic and fingerprint tests to determine whether the vehicle was in fact the X-Trail used in her kidnapping, Sookdeo’s relatives are praying that the police would get the information they needed to find her.

Family distressed by reckless tips

As the search for Debe hairstylist Ria Sookdeo continued yesterday, her husband, Mark Sookdeo, made a teary-eyed and desperate appeal to her abductors to return her to their family.

“I’m here today pleading to those who have abducted my wife to please return her home to her family. Please, I am begging, I am pleading to those people to give in, please return Ria Sookdeo home to her family,” Mark said at his Raghoo Village home.