Rio Claro

15-year-old Rio Claro girl missing

Police are seeking the urgent assistance of the public in locating 15-year-old Ajeda Diamond Patrick.

Ajeda, of Enid Village, Rio Claro, was last seen walking along High Street, San Fernando, around 5:15pm on Monday 10th April, 2017.

She was reported missing to the Rio Claro Police Station, on that same day by her mother, Jennifer Byneal.

Ajeda is of African descent, 5 feet 8 inches tall, medium built and dark brown in complexion.

She was last seen wearing a black and white dress, a black hat and a pair of sandals.

Police shoot Rio Claro man; family disputes police story

Relatives of Paul Smith, who was allegedly gunned down by police last night, are calling for justice, saying that he was innocently killed.

Initial reports suggest that around 7 pm, police were pursuing suspects in a robbery along the Tabaquite Road, Rio Claro.

They eventually caught up with the getaway vehicle in a lonely area surrounded by teak trees and a shootout occurred.

Smith was shot several times and died on the spot.

However, Smith’s father, Andrew said the police version of events were inaccurate.

Burnt body of gardener discovered in Rio Claro

The charred remains of a 52-year-old gardener Bhim Bipram, were discovered at Guayaguayare Road, Rio Claro on Monday.  

Bipram, originally of Navet Village, Rio Claro, was discovered by a neighbour around 8.30 am on Monday morning, who contacted the Rio Claro Police Station.

Bipram had been residing at Guayaguayare Road, Rio Claro for the last three years, where he was a gardener and a well-known handyman.

Father shot dead after searching for missing teenage daughter

A father of three has been shot dead just days after his teenage daughter, 14-year-old Shivani Persad went missing.

The victim is 36-year-old Vishnu Persad of Mahabalsingh Trace, Navet Village, Rio Claro.

His wife, Rehana Singh, said that they had returned home to their home around midnight on Saturday from a day of searching in Mayaro for their daughter.

Singh said that upon their return she went into their home and left her husband Vishnu outside.

31-year-old Piparo woman chopped to death in front of daughter

A 31-year-old Piparo woman has been chopped to death during a domestic dispute.

Police say the killing was done in front of the woman's 13-year-old daughter. 

Khadijah Dipchan was killed at around 1 am Wednesday.

According to police reports, Dipchan was involved in an argument at the home she shared with the suspect at Dindial Trace. 

The suspect allegedly chopped her several times while the 13-year-old girl was chopped on her hand by the suspect who then fled the scene.

Police have launched a search for the suspect. 

Murder in Rio Claro

A 19-year-old Rio Claro teenager is the country's latest murder victim.

It follows shooting incident near the El Gunapo Housing Development in last night, in which another man was critically injured.

The slain youth has been identified as  Akeem Pandorie of Mora Height Development, Rio Claro. 

30-year-old Kareem Jarvis of Agostini Village, Rio Claro was wounded.

The incident occured around 7.30 pm when both men were accosted by two masked men hiding in an abandoned house a short distance away.