MP’s stolen vehicle recovered

The vehicle belonging to MP for Princes Town Barry Padarath, which was reported as stolen to police, has been found.

It was discovered intact in the Couva area, this morning

Reports are that the Princes Town MP stopped to get food at Chin Liu Chinese Restaurant along the Old Southern Main Road in Couva, at about 8:15 on Thursday night, when he was approached by an armed man wearing a mask.

Mr Padarath reportedly was robbed of his Prado vehicle, a mobile phone valued at TT$7,000 and his wallet containing TT$200 cash and his bank cards.

Hindu mandir robbed

A Hindu temple has been robbed mere hours after a call by one religious leader to protect places of worship from attacks.

Around 2 am Monday, it was reported that three armed bandits broke into the Sri Radha Gopinath mandir.

The assailants assaulted and tied up several female devotees before stealing cash and other valuables from the temple.

Reports indicate that the temple, located at Longdenville, was badly damaged in the attack.

Officers of the Longdenville police station are continuing investigations.

Grocery cashiers robbed of $11,000

Two supermarket cashiers were robbed at gunpoint at the crime-stricken Housing Development Corporation Village Plaza in Pleasantville on Saturday afternoon.

According to a report, around 4.50 pm Edwina Loubon, 36, and Nicole Reifer, 43, were at the Pleasantville Supermarket when they were approached by a man who pointed a gun at them and announced a hold up. He robbed them of a total of $11,075 before running away.

Father Harvey robbed in church

Roman Catholic priest Father Clyde Harvey has been robbed.

Around 6am, Father Harvey was at the St Martin’s RC Church, Gonzales where he is also the parish priest, when three gunmen entered the building and announced a hold-up.

The bandits tied up Father Harvey, ransacked the presbytery and took $1000, a mobile phone and other items from the church before making their escape. \

The assailants also threatened to kill the priest.

Harvey is the chairman of three non-government organisations and is known for his work with youth.

58-year-old man charged with wasting police time after claiming he was robbed, kidnapped

A 58-year-old man who claimed he was robbed and kidnapped, has pleaded guilty of wasting police time.

Ramdeo Mathura told San Fernando CID officers on Wednesday, he was kidnapped, and robbed of cash, cell phone and his wallet.

He reported he was then kept in a room for one day before escaping yesterday afternoon.

Mathura says he owns a business place at Nicholas towers and was conducting business in the southern city when he was taken captive by two men.