EXCLUSIVE: Police interview robbery suspect inside 51 Degrees Lounge

A video of a man police have detained for questioning in the robbery at Town Restaurant this morning, being interviewed by the police is now circulating on social media.

The leaked video shows the man being detained on the floor inside of the 51 Degrees Lounge where he was detained.


Because of the intimate nature of this video and legal ramifications, we've opted to blur most of the footage and to omit key information given by the man, until released by the police.

Suspect captured after four-hour stand-off

One suspect has been captured following a four-hour stand-off that resulted from a robbery at the Town Restaurant on Cipriani Boulevard this morning.

The restaurant is located just below the popular 51 Degrees lounge.


The bandit entered the Town Restaurant around five this morning but police blocked his escape.

Manhunt for bandits after early morning robbery at Town Restaurant

The search continues for suspects on a robbery that occurred in a restaurant on Cipriani Boulevard this morning, just below the popular 51 Degrees lounge.

Bandits entered the Town restaurant around five this morning but police blocked their escape.

There are reports that the bandits fired at the police and a shootout ensued.

The bandits ran back into the building and remained there for well over two hours.

Police cordoned off Cipriani Boulevard and Picton Streets, which remained closed until sometime after 7am.

Police kill suspected bandit.

A man suspected of robbery has been shot and killed by police officers on Monday evening.
CNC3 understands that a party of officers responded to a report of a robbery with violence in which a white Hyundai Tucson was stolen from Malabar extension home in Arima.
A search was conducted, and the vehicle was spotted along Rattan Street, Kelly Village, Caroni.
As officers approached the vehicle, a man was seen walking towards it officials claim they ordered the man to stop. However, he began to run.