Murder of Robocop's brother caught on camera

CCTV video of the shooting death of Mervyn Alexis on Sunday, is now in the public domain.

The shooting occurred on Sunday night at Freedom Street in Enterprise.


Alexis was the brother of the slain gang leader Selwyn 'Robocop' Alexis.

The black and white video shows Alexis speaking to a man at the corner of Freedom Street.

A vehicle then pulls up and several men get out and begin shooting.

Robocop's brother shot dead in Enterprise

The brother slain Chaguanas businessman Selwyn ‘Robocop’ Alexis, has been shot dead.

Mervyn Alexis was gunned down on Freedom Street in Enterprise around 10.30 pm Sunday.

Police reports indicate that Alexis was ambushed and shot at least 32 times.

In July this year, 51-year-old ‘Robocop’ was killed in a shootout at his business place in Chaguanas.

Two other men, Kevin Escayg and the attacker Thomas Sharpe also died in that incident.

Robocop murder weapon used in Sea Lots shooting

Trinidad Guardian: The AR-15 assault rifle that was used in the killing of Selwyn “Robocop” Alexis is the same type of weapon that was used to shoot police officer Sgt Ricardo Morris multiple times in Sea Lots in May. Morris managed to survive.

Police also discovered Alexis’ weapons cache of two AR-15 rifles and ammunition at his Longdenville home on Monday. An AR-15 rifle was one of the weapons used in an attack in Enterprise, Chaguanas, on June 30, in which four men were shot.

Bakr: Robocop's killing is insanity

Trinidad Guardian: Jamaal Al Muslimeen leader Yasin Abu Bakr yesterday described the killing of Selwyn “Robocop” Alexis as “insanity.” Bakr said the fact that Alexis’ killer could disguise himself by wearing a wig to snuff out his life was the action of no right thinking individual. 

Having attended Alexis’ funeral on Tuesday, Bakr said as a Muslim he would not judge him.

Acting Police Commissioner probing statements attributed to Central Snr Supt on Robocop's death

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams is seeking to determine the accuracy of statements attributed to Senior Superintendent (Ag.), Jayson Forde, which suggests that the death of Selwyn 'Robocop' Alexis may be a "blessing in disguise".

In a statement issued today, the Acting Commissioner says if the Acting Senior Superintendent's statements are true, then they are "unfortunate".

The following is the statement issued by the Police Service.

Bakr among those paying final respects to Robocop

Leader of the Jamaat al Muslimeen, Yasin Abu Bakr is among scores of people who came out for the funeral service of Selwyn 'Robocop' Alexis today.

Bakr arrived at the funeral, which is taking place at the Enterprise Community Masjid, around 4.20 pm.

The funeral is taking place amid a heavy police and army presence to guard against any possible reprisal activity.

Full details in the CNC3 News at 7pm with live streaming at

'Robocop' funeral this afternoon

Slain Chaguanas businessman Selwyn "Robocop" Alexis will be buried today under Muslim rites.

The funeral will take place at the Enterprise Community Masjid at 4 pm today.

He will be subsequently buried at the Monroe Road burial ground.

"Robocop" was shot dead at a car-wash in Enterprise on Sunday.

Two other men, including his alleged killer, also died as a result of the shootout.

Affiliate: Robocop was "silenced" from exposing 'Unruly Isis' gang

Trinidad Guardian: Selwyn “Robocop” Alexis, 51, was murdered because he had pledged to expose the operations of the Unruly Isis gang, their affiliation and close networking with some members of two of the country’s major law enforcement agencies, the T&T Police Service and the T&T Defence Force.

Chaguanas Chamber calls for lockdown of Central hotspots

The Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce is calling on the police to lockdown the hotspots in Chaguanas in an effort to crackdown on gang-violence that may arise over the murder of Selwyn "Robocop" Alexis.

The Chamber issued a statement saying innocent lives are under seige.

The following is the statement by the Chaguanas Chamber: