San Fernando

San Fernando Mayor vows to crack down on stone-throwing bandits

San Fernando Mayor Kazim Hosein in vowing to crack down on stone-throwing bandits and is urging residents of the city to be vigilant.

The Mayor says the San Fernando City Corporation is working closely with the police to crack down on those committing the crimes.

The following is a statement from the San Fernando City Corporation.

Fire destroys San Fernando restaurant

Fire has destroyed the Golden Terrace Chinese Restaurant on Cipero Street in San Fernando and two people have been injured.

The fire started in the kitchen of the restaurant around 3.15 this afternoon.

The restaurant's owners lived on the same compound and their home was also destroyed.

We're told that two of the occupants, including a child, were taken to hospital after suffering burns and have been listed as stable.

Bomb threat shuts down San Fernando courts

A bomb threat shut down the building housing all three courts in San Fernando this morning.

Te Magistrates Court, the High Court and the Traffic Court were all temporarily evacuated.

Operations resumed after a suspicios object outside the court, was removed.

CNC3's Ivan Toolsie contributed to this report.


Police probe murders in Diego Martin, Arouca and San Fernando

Police are investigating three murders in Diego Martin, Arouca and San Fernando over the last 48 hours.

20-year-old Jerome Paris was shot dead in Ste Madeleine on Monday night.

According to police, the men were standing at the roadside near Walker’s home at St Clements Village when a vehicle pulled alongside them.

Three men came out of the vehicle and opened fire, killing Paris on the spot and injuring a 26-year-old man.

Meanwhile, a man was stabbed to death in Arouca last night. 

San Fernando City Corporation cracks down on speaker boxes outside stores & bars

San Fernando Mayor Kazim Hosein says he will begin tackling the issue of noise pollution in San Fernando. 

Following discussions with the EMA and complaints by citizens, the mayor says the city corporation will be clamping down on speakers located outside stores, bars and other establishments.

Mayor Hosein says he will also be working with the administration to create new by-laws under the Municipal Corporation Act for the Corporation to enforce the noise pollution rules.

San Fernando City Corporation cuts 60 temporary jobs

The San Fernando City Corporation says it is cutting its contingent of casual daily-paid workers by 60 for the upcoming fortnight, based on a need to cut costs.

The Corporation made the announcement via the following media statement:

"Following our meeting with the Contractors and General Workers Union in April the failed layoff continues. The San Fernando City Corporation has made every effort to hold on to as many daily-paid workers as possible.

19-year-old woman among three murdered last night

Police are investigating a double murder in Bagatelle, San Juan.

According to reports around 9 pm last night, police were alerted to gunshots in the area.

Officers approached a house located on Bagatelle Road and upon investigation they discovered the body of 19-year-old Karen Grant lying in a pool of blood.

A short distance away they discovered another body of a man who remains unidentified.

Police believe the murders may have been linked to a shooting on Laventille Road earlier this week.

Video shows man being shot in San Fernando - VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED

Video of a man being shot in San Fernando is now circulating on social media.

The shooting occurred just after midday today on Todd Street, San Fernando at an auto repair shop.

The video shows the victim talking to another man when two men approach and fire at least four shots from close range.

One of the attackers then fires a shot at a vehicle parked outside of the establishment as they escaped.