San Juan

3 arrested for robbery, 2 wearing police gear

Three men currently are in police custody following a robbery in the San Juan area, in the wee hours of this morning.

CNC3 News understands that one of the men in police custody has connections to a special reserve police officer.

Details are still coming in, but initial reports are that at about 3:30 am, officers from the Emergency Response Patrol, the North-East Division Task Force and the San Juan CID, responded to a report of a robbery at #23 Silver Mill in San Juan.

San Juan market vendors to begin legal challenge against corporation

A group of vendors at the San Juan public market have moved ahead with their legal challenge over rent increases at the facility. 

This morning, High Court Judge Avason Guinlan-Williams granted leave for one of the vendors to pursue a judicial review against the San Juan/Laventille regional corporation. 

Earlier this month, another vendor was granted leave for a similar lawsuit.

The other vendors are currently in the process of filing similar claims, which may be joined at a later stage. 

Double-murder in San Juan

Just less than one month after he was allegedly involved in a shooting in Malick, Nicholas ‘Chico’ Jobe, 35, was gunned down on Thursday morning in San Juan along with another man.

Jobe lived at Sixth Avenue, Malick and the other victim, Akil Alexander, 24, was from Upper Seventh Avenue Malick.

According to a police report, at about 12.05 am police officers who were on mobile patrol in the area responded to an area at Second Street where they found both men lying on the ground metres apart from each other.

Police said they were both shot multiple times.

San Juan teenage girl reported missing

Police are seeking the urgent assistance of the public in locating 16-year-old Rehana Theodore.

Theodore, of First Street, San Juan, was last seen at her home around 9:40 pm, on Friday 11th January, 2019.

She was reported missing to the San Juan Police Station, around 9:05 pm on Tuesday 15th January, 2019, by her mother.

She is of mixed descent, 5 feet 5 inches tall, medium built, with a light brown complexion and short black hair.

She was last seen wearing a green t-shirt, a pair of black jeans and a pair of red and green slippers.

3 men escape police custody

In two separate incidents, three men have escaped police custody. In the most recent incident, Scarborough police are searching for a man identified as Heston Lopez.
They say Lopez who is originally from Trinidad was under police guard at the Scarborough General Hospital, on Friday evening when he managed to evade officers and make his escape.
Meanwhile, officers of The Inter-Agency Task Force and Port of Spain Division are searching for two men who also escaped police custody last week.

80-year-old man dies in early morning fire

An early morning fire claims the life of a disabled man.
CNC3 news understands that around 2 am on Thursday residents along Ryan Street, Petit Bourg San Juan reported seeing smoke coming from a home in the area. The police and fire services were contacted, however, upon arrival, the one storey structure was engulfed by flames. After the blaze was contained the charred remains 80-year-old Christopher Hylan who had one leg was discovered. Investigations to determine the cause of blaze are ongoing.

San Juan man charged with murder of Morvant man

A San Juan man is expected to appear before a Port of Spain Magistrate today, charged with the murder of Jonathan Charles, which occurred on Saturday 12th May, 2018.

Marvin Valdez aka ‘Tanto’, 34, a labourer, of Febeau Village, was charged with murder, following advice received from Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions, Tricia Hudlin-Cooper, on Sunday 17th June, 2018.

Woman stabbed to death in San Juan

One man is now in police custody after he allegedly stabbed a woman to death in San Juan this afternoon.

Initial reports indicate that the man and woman were in an altercation at 2 pm near the Priority Bus Route in San Juan.

The man allegedly stabbed the woman before running off.

However, he was caught by members of the public and beaten before he was handed over to police,

The woman was rushed to hospital where she later died.

This brings to 14 the number of women killed this year.