Online scam offers employment in England

The British High Commission has asked police to investigate an online scam that promised the commission's help to get jobs for locals in exchange for a fee.

An official at the High Commission told Guardian Media that the scam was brought to their attention Monday when a job seeker called asking for information.

The official, who asked not to be named, said a website offered provisional contracts of employment at two hotels in Lancaster, England.

Applicants were asked to make a payment to indicate they were serious about taking the job.

Police warn of online scam

The Police Service is advising members of the public to be cautious against falling prey to online scams, where unscrupulous persons are impersonating others via fake social media profiles, in an attempt to trick and influence unsuspecting victims into applying for grants and other self-help social services.

The warning follows an increase in reports of local online scams that result in victims being conned of sums of money by criminals when they attempt to access the said grants or services.

Soldiers agree to repay $1.5m in payroll scam

Two soldiers, accused of defrauding the Defence Force of $1.5m in an alleged payroll scam, have agreed to repay the money.

Lance corporal Jason Richards and private Josimar Belgrave gave the undertaking as the State’s civil lawsuit against them came up for hearing before Justice Ricky Rahim in the Port-of-Spain High Court yesterday.

Police warn of highway scam

Police are advising motorists to be wary of persons posing as vendors and operating along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, but who are engaged in an extortion scam.

A statement by the Police Service said reports reaching police indicate that persons engaged in the scam, create a situation, where their vending carts make contact with the vehicle of an unsuspecting motorist.

The scam artiste thereafter accuses the motorist of causing damage to his cart and proceeds under threat to extort money from the motorist.