Scratch bomb

Hinds: Scratch bombs will be illegal by ole years

Government confirms that scratch bombs will be illegal by the end of the year.

Minister in the ministry of legal affairs, Fitzgerald Hinds, told CNC3 by phone that arrangements to ban the importation and sale of scratch bombs will be gazetted by or before December 31st, and take immediate effect.

Possession of a scratch bomb would then become illegal. 

In November, the cabinet announced a prohibition on scratch bombs, which have caused injury and property damage in the past.

Minister Hinds says it will be up to the police to enforce the law.

Anonymous donor to pay one year's salary to grandmother who lost thumb by scratch bomb

An anonymous donor has agreed to pay the salary, for one year, of a grandmother who lost her thumb to a scratch-bomb blast last year.

Sally Ann Cuffie was driving through the Las Lomas during Divali celebrations last year, when a scratch bomb landed in the family car, next to her six-month-old granddaughter.

She grabbed the scratch bomb and tried to throw it out, however, it exploded while still in her hands, badly burning her.