Scratch bombs

National Security Minister signs order to officially ban scratch bombs

Today, the Minister of National Security Stuart R. Young signed the Explosives (Prohibition of Scratch Bombs) Order 2018, in keeping with Cabinet’s announcement on 22 November to officially ban scratch bombs into Trinidad and Tobago.

The Order was made by the Minister in keeping with Section 37 of the Explosives Act, Chapter 16:02. 

The Order prohibits persons from manufacturing, importing, keeping, conveying or selling a scratch bomb. 

Government launches campaign to stop sale and use of scratch bombs

Minister of Public Administration and Communications Maxie Cuffie today launched a national campaign to stop the sale and use of scratch bombs and illegal fireworks in Trinidad and Tobago with an appeal to citizens to develop a culture of care for their neighbours and elderly.

The campaign is themed “Have fun without having a blast.”

Minister Cuffie said the campaign is aimed at “the hearts and minds of everyone, to do their part to ensure a safer Christmas and New Year” since punitive laws alone have never prevented anyone
from committing a crime.