Sexual Offences Act

HR EXPERTS: Time for proper sexual harassment law and protocols

A call for proper systems -- including clear cut legislation -- to be put in place to deal with cases of sexual harassment in this country.

It comes in light of the recent furore surrounding the Darryl Smith Report -- the outcome of a probe of sexual harassment allegations against the former minister, and a wrongful dismissal claim by the alleged victim.

According to HR consultant, Cavelle Joseph-St Omer, it is imperative that there are properly trained practitioners to handle sexual harassment cases in this country.

Christlyn Moore: Toughen Laws against Sex and Human Trafficking

Former Justice Minister, Christlyn Moore, is advocating for a repeal of the section of the Summary Offences Act, which deals specifically with the offence of "lewd and suggestive dancing".

According to the former justice minister, that part of the law criminalises persons who may, in essence, be human trafficking victims.

Christlyn Moore was commenting on the recent police raid at a house at Chancellor Heights, where 22 women were held, 19 of them non-nationals and minors.