Three shot dead in Debe, another hospitalised

Three men are dead following a shooting at a bar in Wellington, Debe.

Reports indicate gunmen drove up to the bar, walked in and began shooting. 

Four men were shot.

Two died at the scene identified as Terry Edwards, 34 & Kevin Fuller, 31.

Two were taken to the hospital.

Sanjay Mahabir was shot in the head and succumbed to his injury.

The fourth man remains hospitalised with a gunshot to his shoulder.

One man shot dead, another wounded in Malabar

Police are investigating a shooting incident in Malabar, Arima, in which two men were shot.

Initial reports indicate that a 34-year-old man was killed and another wounded.

The shooting occurred on Subero Street, Malabar, around 10:50 Tuesday morning.

The wounded man has been rushed to hospital.

Investigations are ongoing.


Security guard charged with murder in supermarket shooting incident

The security guard who shot and killed former-convict Verne “Pumba” Sambury at a supermarket in New Grant last week, will appear in the Princes Town Magistrates' Court today, charged with murder.

The instructions were given by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions over the weekend.

Initial reports had indicated that Sambury was shot by a security guard after attempting to break into the Persad's Supermarket and attacking a security guard with a bottle in the process.

Sambury died in hospital the following day.

Police detain security guard involved in supermarket shooting

The security guard who's believed to have shot ex-convict Verne Sambury at the Persad's D Food King supermarket in New Grant, is now being questioned by police.

The security officer was taken into custody on Tuesday evening.

Sambury died at hospital on Tuesday afternoon from the wounds he suffered in the shooting.

VIDEO: CCTV footage shows shooting of man at New Grant supermarket; victim dies at hospital


A closed circuit television (CCTV) recording shows how a former convict was shot at a New Grant supermarket on Monday morning.

The 32-year-old man, Verne Sambury (aka Pomba) succumbed to his wounds and died at the San Fernando General Hospital Monday evening.

Police reports on Monday had indicated that he was shot during a break-in at the Persad D Food King supermarket when he rushed at an armed security guard with a bottle.

VIDEO: Police shoot and wound gunman after Nelson Street attack

Police have shot and wounded a man who opened fire on them.

The incident occurred shortly after 9 pm on Monday night.

According to report, a gunman attempted to carry out an attack on a group of men on Nelson Street, Port-of-Spain.

However, he was intercepted by police officers from a police post in the area.

There was an exchange of gunfire near Picadilly Street and the man was hit about the body.

He is currently warded at hospital.



Police shoot "Convict" dead in Caparo

Police have shot and killed a man known only as "Convict" after they say they ordered him to drop a firearm he was brandishing.

The incident occurred around 7 pm on Monday.

Police say two officers responded to a report of a man brandishing a firearm on the main road in Caparo.

They say that on arrival at the apartment building the police officers were confronted by a man who pointed a firearm at them.

One of the officers drew his service pistol and fired at the armed man.

Two wounded in Chaguanas shooting incident

Two men have been hospitalised after being shot in Chaguanas this morning.

Police say that around 4:30 am Monday, officers of the Chaguanas Police Station were alerted by loud explosions.

They investigated and observed a silver Mitsubishi Lancer parked in an easterly direction along Railway Road, Chaguanas in the vicinity of the Chaguanas Police station.

Police say one man, Davidnand Deosaran of 30 Feeder Road, Charlieville, was seated behind the driver's seat bleeding from his mouth.

Cops failed to intervene says shooting victim

Panicked after a gunman shot his teenaged brother and then fired at him, a horrified Nathaniel Roberts saw a ray of hope when a marked police car came up towards them on a dark empty street in San Fernando on Saturday.

But instead of turning on the siren and attempting to apprehend the gunman, Roberts said the two police officers stayed in the vehicle almost as if they were afraid to respond to the gunfire, while the gunman and his friend fled through a track near Rushworth Street.