Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj maintains SIS injunction struck out

Senior Counsel Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj maintains that according to law, the injunction that the court awarded to NGC in its matter with SIS, was automatically struck out.

The following is a statement from the former Attorney General.

"The claim filed by NGC against SIS is struck out by operation of the Civil Proceedings Rules (1998) as amended in 2011 because:

(1) A statement of case was filed by NGC on the 25th January, 2016. The First and Second Defendants filed and served their respective defences on the 22nd February, 2016.

NGC denies media reports; SIS injunction stands

The National Gas Company is denying media reports that the High Court injunction awarded in its favour against Super Industrial Services Limited, has been discontinued.

In a statement issued today, NGC is warning about a possible breach of an order of the High Court.

The following is NGC's statement:

After spending $780 million, NGC board considering legal options with SIS in Beetham Waste Water contract

The newly-appointed board of the National Gas Company (NGC) is now deliberating on its next course of action with regards the decision by SIS to cease work on the Beetham Waste Water Plant.

Minister of State in the Ministry of the Attorney General, Stuart Young told the Parliament today that although SIS has been paid $780 million by the NGC so far, only 40-45% of the work had been completed before it indicated it could no longer do the work.

The Minister says the NGC board is considering the next legal decision, to recover some of the costs expended.