RC priest: Return to old time teachings

A Ro­man Catholic priest yes­ter­day called on mem­bers to re­turn to the old time teach­ings, re­spect and ways of the church.

De­liv­er­ing the homi­ly at the Our La­dy of Per­pet­u­al RC Church in San Fer­nan­do pre­ced­ing the an­nu­al Cor­pus Christi pro­ces­sion, Fa­ther God­frey Stoute said: “It is im­por­tant that we re­turn to our orig­i­nal moor­ings. It is im­por­tant that we re­turn to the way it used to be.

Tobago Hindu society wants Sat to apologise

The Tobago Hindu Society (THS) has called on the Secretary General of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS), Sat Maharaj, to apologise to all Tobagonians for his recent statements about the work ethics of  Tobagonians. 

Pulwattie Beepath was at the time speaking with Guardian Media Limited at the Mt Marie Road, Scarborough headquarters of the THS on Wednesday morning.

Beepath said in its infancy the THS had been associated with the SDMS  but both organisations split during the period 2006-2010 following a land dispute.

Pundit: Time for Sat Maharaj to retire

Spiritual Head of the Satya Anand Ashram, Pundit Satyanand Maharaj, says it is time for Sat Maharaj to retire.

In a Facebook post, the well-known pundit is describing Maharaj's comments as obscene and disgusting.

The pundit says the Secretary-General described the Tobago community in the most derogatory terms and the Indian and Hindu community must be offended and condemn his statements.

The buck stops with American exorcist

The Buck mystery in Gasparillo has ended after an American exorcist intervened and chased away the spirit which Krishna Mathura says was tormenting his family over the past seven months.

Mathura from Hilltop Drive, Gasparillo came to the Guardian on Monday to extend thanks saying he and his family were now sleeping better since Eric Pugh, an American national who is a trained as a security consultant, visited their home.

Mathura said on Thursday around 6 pm, Pugh began using energy to cast away the spirit, which took the form of a Buck.

"Buck physically attacks & threatens to kill us"

After two days of rituals and prayers, a Gasparillo family says the buck which lives in their home is now physically attacking them.

Govinda Mathura showed reddish lacerations on his upper thigh and claimed the buck was now threatening to kill them.

During an interview at the family's Hilltop Drive, Gasparillo home, Mathura said he was sleeping between his parents Krishna and Balmatee Mathura around 2 am when he felt a burning on his thigh. When he woke up he saw the lacerations. 

Spiritual helpers, counselors, psychologists flock to help 'buck'-attacked family

An outpouring of spiritual help has come to the Mathura family of Morne Roache in Gasparillo, who believe that a mystical spirit creature called a Buck is terrorizing them inside their home.

And while a dozen people stood in line to offer prayers, some of the villagers at Morne Roache say they have never seen the buck.

They called on professionals to offer psychological help and counselling to the family.

More than five teams of people visited the Mathuras Tuesday.

Gasparillo family terrorised by 'buck'

Haunted by a shadowy spirit creature which they say lives inside their home, a Gasparillo family is seeking spiritual help to eradicate an unwanted house guest. 

Krishna Mathura, 60, of Hilltop Drive, Gasparillo said over the past seven months a three-feet tall spirit creature believed to be a buck, has been roaming his home.

The house is perched on an incline overlooking the Central Range. It is fenced and Mathura says the supernatural occurrences have been causing them sleepless nights.