SWAHA condemns "outright discrimination" towards Nafisah

The Hindu organisation, SWAHA International is condemning what is calls "outright discrimination" towards OJT teacher Nafisah Nakhid who was asked to remove her hijab at the Lakshmi Girl's Hindu College.

SWAHA issued the following statement on Thursday:

"Quite a lot has been expressed about the recent dismissal of an OJT dressed in the traditional hijab from a Hindu denominational school. 

As with all controversies, there are always two sides and two slants that are adopted.

SWAHA, however, advocates a sane, sober and methodical approach to such situations.

Opposition Leader stands in support of Nafisah

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar has come out in support of Nafisah Nakhid and is calling on the board of the Lakshmi Girls' College to reconsider its position.

Persad-Bissessar says this is a matter of natural justice, equality and fairness.

Persad-Bissessar issued the following statement on Wednesday:

"While I agree that a dress code is appropriate at schools, the reality is a hijab cannot be classed in the same category as hats, capes, sleeveless dress or see-through mini-skirts.

Muslim Woman's Organisation offers support to Nafisah Nakhid

The National Muslim Women’s Organization of Trinidad and Tobago says it is standing in solidarity with Nafisah Nakhid, who it says was "denied her constitutional right as a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago".

The organisation notes that the freedom to uphold the beliefs and practices of ones religion without discrimination, is enshrined in the Constitution. 

Abdullah describes hijab issue as 'Islamaphobic'

The barring of a Muslim teacher from a Hindu college compound is being described by head of the Islamic Front, Umar Abdullah, as Islamophobic.

He says the decision taken by the management of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha to refuse entry of the hijab-wearing teacher appears to be a deliberate act done out of remorse towards Islam and by extension Muslims.

He further questioned the dress code of teachers attached to the Lakshmi Girls Hindu College and claimed the victim was dressed modestly.

Petrotrin issues final cease and desist notice to Church of God of Prophecy

Pretrotrin says that further to the article appearing in the Newsday today, it is confirming that it has served a Final Cease and Desist Notice to the Church of God of Prophecy requesting the immediate discontinuance of its trespass and its removal from Petrotrin’s land.

Petrotrin says the church is currently located illegally and unlawfully on the company’s freehold land, in close proximity to one of its oil wells at Mussarap Trace in Barrackpore.

Devotees ready to fight for temple land

Vowing to protect their temple with their lives, devotees from the Shri Nav Durga Kali Ashram yesterday vowed to mount a legal challenge to stop the State from demolishing any part of their ashram.

This after a high-powered team from the Ministry of Planning and Development and Town and Country Planning Division officials visited the mandir at St Mary’s Village, South Oropouche, yesterday.

The officials took measurements of the structure which is the source of contention, having been built without approvals from Town and Country Planning.

President calls for proper reporting on recent court ruling involving LGBTQI issues

President Paula-Mae Weekes is calling on proper reporting and dissemination of information on the recent court ruling on the Sexual Offences Act.

The president issued a statement today, in which she pointed to the laws, in a bid to encourage proper discord.

She says it is important that the national psyche is not damaged by inadvertently inciting victimisation, bigotry and violence.

The following is the president's statement.

Archbishop: Buggery should not be criminalised

The Archbishop of Port-of-Spain Jason Gordon says the Roman Catholic Church does not support homosexuality but “does not believe that buggery should be criminalised at this time.”

On Thursday, the local lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) community won a “victory” when in a landmark ruling Justice Devindra Rampersad deemed this country’s sodomy law unconstitutional.