Stephen Williams

Ag. COP apologises to CNC3 Anchor

Outgoing Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams has apologised to CNC3’s Anchor and Senior Reporter Khamal Georges for what he describes as the “additional trauma” caused by the TTPS.
Georges’ vehicle, an Ash Grey KIA Sportage, was stolen at gunpoint on Thursday morning and recovered by Police Officers several hours later. The vehicle which was parked at the Besson Street Police Station for processing and safekeeping was then stolen again.

Ministry of Nat'l Security: Griffith's contract being negotiated

The process of negotiating the contractual terms and conditions with the incoming Commissioner of Police Mr Gary Griffith is underway. 
That’s according to the Ministry of National Security. 
In a press release sent a short while ago, the ministry said the Commissioner of Police’s terms and conditions will be settled before he assumes office.
In the meantime, Mr Stephen Williams continues to be the Acting Commissioner of Police and is expected to go on vacation leave from 17th -30th August 2018.

Gary Griffith receives instrument of appointment from PSC

Well, its official Gary Griffith is now this country’s Police Commissioner.
The Police Service Commission today announced Mr Griffith’s appointment to the position of Commissioner of Police of the TT Police Service.
In the release issued this morning, the PSC stated, “As Commissioner Mr Griffith will be responsible for directing all strategic activates of the TT police service to promote a higher level of safety and security for the nation”.

Parliament to debate nomination of Stephen Williams for top cop

The parliament will have to sit again next Friday to discuss the nomination of Stephen Williams as commissioner of police.

The parliament has proceeded on July August vacation and means it will have to sit in emergency session to discuss the notification from the police service commission.

Last week, the parliament rejected the nomination of Harold Phillip who was the second-ranked nominee.

Once the parliament rejects a nomination, the constitution provides that the next ranked candidate is submitted for consideration.