Garcia: Nothing sinister in scholarships delay

Education Minister Anthony Garcia says there is nothing sinister regarding the as yet-unannounced 2019 CAPE Scholarship results.

Seeking to reassure students and their parents, Garcia said, “We have to make sure we are very careful in deciding.”

“The performance of our students has been very good, excellent in fact. And therefore we have to make sure that in making these decisions we give everybody an equal chance.”

'Send your children to school Ash Wednesday'

As the Carnival season comes to an end, Education Minister Anthony Garcia is reiterating his call on parents to send their children to school on Ash Wednesday and the rest of the week.

“Parents need to ensure that they are sending the right message to their children. Do not keep your children at home. There is school after Carnival. Do not deprive them from teaching time, especially as they prepare to write the SEA, CSEC and CAPE exams,” he said.

Ministry extends suspension of 'weed-smoking' students as defiant IG video emerges

Education Minister Anthony Garcia is disturbed about a video on Instagram which shows the suspended Diego Martin North Secondary School girls boasting about their deeds.

The video on Instagram Live shows at least two of the girls who were at home due to the suspension "bigging up" their drug supplier while boasting that their exploits which were shared numerous times on social media had made them famous.

Responding to the video Minister Anthony Garcia said he was greatly disturbed by the video and confirmed that their suspensions have been extended.

Windermere students perform 'Abba' songs in Christmas Musical

What does the Swedish pop group ABBA  have to do with Christmas?

Some may say nothing seeing that the ABBA group, formed in 1972,  never officially recorded any official Christmas songs.

However, last Friday, students of Windermere Private School successfully presented their Christmas Musical with an ABBA-themed nativity called A Bethlehem Baby Arrives.