Man commits suicide by drowning himself in Petrotrin oil tank

A man has comitted suicide, presumably by drowning himself in one of Petrotrin's oil tanks in Point Fortin.

This follows a nine-hour stand-off during which emergency services and Petrotrin staff worked to stop the man from taking his life.

The following is a statement from Petrotrin on the issue.

"At approximately 11:00 a.m. today (Saturday), a member of the public entered the Petrotrin’s Tank Farm at the Company’s Trinmar Operations, Point Fortin.

Two dead, 17 injured in Florida club shooting; 12 injured in suicide bombing at Germany music festival

At least two people have died and 17 others were injured after several gunmen opened fire in the car park of a nightclub in Fort Myers, Florida. 

Club Blu was said to have been hosting a teen night when the shooting take place, at roughly 12.30am. 

Terrified youngsters were forced to "dodge cars and bullets" as they sprinted to safety, the mother of one girl who escaped uninjured said. 

It comes two weeks after a lone gunman shot dead 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. 

Laid-off Centrin worker suspected of suicide, might have been murdered

Police are now saying the suspected suicide of a former Centrin worker may now very well be a case of murder.

The funeral service for 48-year-old David Francis was scheduled to take place today but was postponed until tomorrow. 

The former Centrin worker was found hanging at his Carli Bay house and relatives and the union believed he took his life because he was depressed. 

But Couva police officers and relatives say based on the autopsy report another post-mortem has been ordered and there is a suspicion of foul play based on how Francis was discovered.

Woman in finance-driven suicide pact, dies at hospital

The Couva woman who tried to end her life a week ago, when she and her husband drank poison, has died. Yvonne Arjoon died at the San Fernando General Hospital around 10 pm on Saturday, police said.

Arjoon and her husband Ralph Buchoon, both 42-year-old fruit vendors, were under financial stress and felt that ending their lives was their only escape. The couple drank paraquat at their Perseverance Village home last Sunday. 

Woman in finance-driven suicide attempt worsens

The medical condition of Yvonne Arjoon, the woman who survived a suicide pact with her husband on Sunday, is slowly worsening at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Arjoon and her husband, Ralph Buchoon, both 42, took a decision to end their lives on Sunday by ingesting a poisonous weedicide, Paraquat, as they were unable to repay thousands of dollars in debt.

They sold fruits for a living but were unable to pay their suppliers. 

Buchoon died after being taken to the Couva Health Facility, but Arjoon was kept alive by first responders.

Financial hardship leads couple to suicide

A 41-year-old man has died after ingesting a poisonous liquid and his wife who did the same is in a critical condition at hospital.

Police believe financial stress was behind their decisions.

According to police, Ralph Arjoon, 41 and his wife Yvonne, 42, both fruit vendors, were depressed over the state of their finances and began drinking alcohol heavily at their of Perseverance Village, Couva Sunday afternoon.

Police believe they both agreed to end their lives and subsequently consumed a poisonous weedicide called Paraquat.