SWAHA condemns "outright discrimination" towards Nafisah

The Hindu organisation, SWAHA International is condemning what is calls "outright discrimination" towards OJT teacher Nafisah Nakhid who was asked to remove her hijab at the Lakshmi Girl's Hindu College.

SWAHA issued the following statement on Thursday:

"Quite a lot has been expressed about the recent dismissal of an OJT dressed in the traditional hijab from a Hindu denominational school. 

As with all controversies, there are always two sides and two slants that are adopted.

SWAHA, however, advocates a sane, sober and methodical approach to such situations.

SWAHA: Band leaders need to be more sensitive to emotions of population

The local arm of SWAHA says bandleaders need to acknowledge prevailing emotion in the population, before deciding on concepts for bands.

The organisation was responding to a recent controversy on the presentation of Brian MacFarlane's 2017 Carnival Band.

One section has been criticised for the use of clothing that resembles that used in the Hindu religion.

The following is SWAHA's statement.

"The recent controversy regarding the portrayal by a particular section of a Carnival band signals the need for greater awareness of the sensitivities of our population.

SWAHA repeats support for raising age of child marriages to 18

The local branch of SWAHA International, is repeating its support for the age of child marriages to be 18 years old.

SWAHA issued a statement expressing its support just before the Senate met Tuesday to begin debate on the legislation.

The following is SWAHA's statement:

"As the Senate debate focuses on child marriage, topmost priority must be given to the child, who is the key factor in this entire issue. I appeal to all involved in this debate to do the conscionable thing and place the child first among all considerations.

SWAHA hopes lessons are learnt from nude photos scandal

SWAHA International says it hopes that the women whose nude pictures have been circulated online, take lessons from this occurrence.

SWAHA says we should all be prudent and selective in all that we do.

The following is SWAHA's statement:

SWAHA calls for change in Marriage Act

SWAHA International is joining the call for a change in the Marriage Act, as the debate over child marriages continue.

The following is SWAHA's statement: