Tobago Division

Three men held for offences against children

The Child  Protection  Unit (CPU) is once again advising all parents and guardians to  be  extremely  vigilant  concerning  their  children’s  overall well-being,  and to take  all  preventative  measures  to  ensure their children’s safety is not jeopardised.

The warning comes as the CPU conducted several intelligence-led exercises over the weekend, which led to arrest of three  men for several offences against children.

Three Held for Sexual Offences against Minors in CPU Exercises

Two intelligence-led operations by the Child Protection Unit (CPU) in the Northern and Tobago Divisions have led to the arrests of three persons for sexual offences against minors.

One couple is expected to appear before an Arima magistrate today, while a man is expected to face a Scarborough magistrate today.

The two exercises were conducted by CPU officers on Friday 31 January, 2020.

Brawl at Dwight Yorke Stadium

The TTPS Tobago Division has launched an investigation into a melée between police officers and civilians.

A video with the altercation, which occurred over the weekend at the Dwight Yorke Stadium, was widely shared on various social media platforms.

The video—of duration 1:13 minutes—shows several policemen subduing a young man, who is seen kicking and cuffing them. One policeman is also seen responding to the attack.

Two civilians were involved in the brawl but others who attempted to get involved were prevented from doing so by officers standing by.