Ten-foot waves batter Toco

Huge ten-foot waves battered the shoreline in Toco, Matelot and other parts of the northeast coast yesterday, damaging nets and boats.

Fishermen spent yesterday afternoon frantically securing their pirogues. They said they had not seen such big waves in about ten years.

Residents and schoolchildren stood fearfully watching what they call in the village “ground sea”, the sea coming into the land.

Decomposing body found in abandoned Toco house

Police are investigating the what led to the death of a man whose body has been discovered in Toco.

The body is already at an advanced state of decomposition and police are hoping that an autopsy will determine the cause of death.


Police had gone to Khan Avenue on Wednesday afternoon after residents complained of a foul stench coming from an abandoned building.

It was there that they found the body of a man.

Police say the body was missing three fingers on his left hand.

Eastern Division police are continuing investigations.

Toco man indicted for murder of Tobago man

Toco resident Dominic Charles has appeared before Scarborough Magistrate, Michelle Maharaj-Brown, charged with the murder of Tobago resident, Zaquis Daniel.

Daniel, 30, met his death following a dispute with another man in the vicinity of Live Wire Bar, Lambeau, Tobago, on July 15th, 2016.

He was stabbed multiple times.

This was the first recorded murder on the island for 2016.