Tracy Davidson-Celestine

A woman leads Tobago PNM now

This country’s Ambassador to Costa Rica, Tracey Davidson-Celestine, has become the first woman to lead the Tobago's PNM Council.

She beat Kevin Charles—who is also the Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA)—by a landslide at the polls. Davidson-Celestine took home  3,150 votes while Charles managed to poll 2,142 votes.

Tobago Business Chamber: New PNM Tobago leader brings dynamism

President of the Tobago Business Chamber, Martin George, has congratulated Tracy Davidson-Celestine on her victory, in Sunday’s run-off election for the post of Political Leader, of the People's National Movement's (PNM) Council in Tobago.

Martin George is calling for a continued working relationship between her and current Chief Secretary of Tobago House of Assembly, Kelvin Charles, whom Davidson-Celestine ousted in the leadership contest, yesterday.

PNM gets first female Tobago Council leader

In an historic win, Tracy Davidson-Celestine became this country's first female to lead the People's National Movement's (PNM) Council in Tobago, in the Council's runoff election on January 26, 2020.

This, as the party celebrated its 64th anniversary on the same day.

Davidson-Celestine trounced the Council's political leader Kelvin Charles for a decisive win, with over 60 percent of the votes.

In her victory speech, Davidson-Celestine said she plans to resign as this country's ambassador to Costa Rica "as soon as possible".

3 against 1 in Tobago PNM Council leader race

It's official. Three teams will go up against Kelvin Charles, current political leader of the Tobago Council of the People's National Movement (PNM), in Sunday's runoff elections.

In a statement on Friday, Team Tracy 2020 said it is part of a group that includes Joel Jack and Dr. Denise Tsoaifatt-Angus—fighting to change the council's leadership.

"After consultation, and for this point onward Joel Jack, Dr Angus and I have decided we will work together in the best interests of the party," the Davidson-Celestine team said.

Tobago PNM Council candidate dumped

Handle Beckles, the former assemblyman who was convicted of defrauding an elderly couple of $300,000 earlier this year, has been dropped from the Tracy Davidson-Celestine slate.

Beckles, a pastor who is also a nurse, was contesting the post of Welfare Officer in the Peoples National Movement's internal elections, scheduled for 19 January 2020.

He won the Bethel/Mt Irvine seat on a PNM ticket in the January 2013 Tobago House of Assembly election and served as an assistant secretary in the Division of Infrastructure shortly after.

Tracy Davidson-Celestine takes up duty as Ambassador to Costa Rica

Former Deputy Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly, Tracy Davidson-Celestine has presented her credentials to the president of Costa Rica, as she takes up her post as Trinidad and Tobago's Ambassador there.

The Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs has issued this statement in keeping with the appointment.