Explosion causes power outage in POS and environs.

Some T&Tec customers in the northern part of the country are without electricity at this time.

According to officials at T&Tec an explosion on the switch board of the powergen B station caused the outage

. It happened while T&Tec was making the transition away from the powergen plant.

The commission says the majority of customers have already had their supply restored and the others should be restored within an hour.


Widespread power disruption throughout country

A widespread power disruption has been reported throughout the country.

Some people reported an intermittent electricity supply while others have had their current gone for longer periods. 

CNC3 has been told by aT&TEC official that there was a disturbance at the Trinidad Generators Unlimited (TGU) plant which triggered automatic load sharing and the supply to various areas was affected. 

The spokesperson said, that by 3 pm 80% of affected customers had their supply restored.

People from all over the country reported experienced power outages. 

T&TEC traces cause of last night's outage; apologises to customers

The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission, T&TEC says it has traced the source of last night's power outage across parts of northern Trinidad, as a problem at its Flament Street Substation. 

The Commission is apologising to customers in a media statement issued this afternoon.

The following is T&TEC's media release.