Two arrested as narcotics and firearms seized

Two persons were arrested and several firearms were seized during a police exercise today. The following is the full press release: 

"Officers of the Eastern Division seized cocaine, marijuana and several guns and arrested 2 persons in connection with the drug find and possession of a firearm during an exercise today, Thursday 15th September, 2016.

Ramesh Deosaran: Bureaucratic confusion plagues PSC

The billions invested in the police service over the years have not yielded the desired results.

This from the former chairman of the police service commission Ramesh Deosaran, who says despite the investment, the institution remains wounded.

He lamented that successive governments have failed in their duty to craft policies that create improvements in the police service.

He says bureaucratic confusion is plaguing the commission.

Professor Deosaran referenced the controversy regarding the appointment of a police commissioner.


106 traffic tickets issued in 4 hours

Over 106 tickets were issued today during a police exercise. The following is the TTPS press release: 

One hundred and six tickets were issued today to motorists for various traffic offences following an anti-crime exercise undertaken by the Northern Division in the Arouca Station District and involving officers from the Licensing Department.

Of the 106 tickets issued 40 were for the unauthorised use of the Priority Bus Route.

The tints on 59 vehicles were also removed.

112 males murdered in last decade as result of domestic violence

The Police Service is seeking to correct information it released Wednesday on the number of deaths that have occurred in the last decade, related to domestic violence.

Statistics released today show 263 murders between 2005 and 2015, of which 151 were women and 112 men.

The following is the statement:

"Trinidad and Tobago Police Service wishes to correct information on domestic violence related murders that has been attributed to the Manager of the Victim and Witness Support Unit of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.