Mystery surrounds pile of dead dogs in Tunapuna

Who would possibly kill more than 10 dogs and then dump their carcases on a street in Tunapuna.

That's the question hundreds are asking after a Tunapuna woman posted a photo on Facebook appealing for help.

Shefalie George's post shows the dogs piled upon each other.

"This is the scene at Upper Fairley Street, Sesame Street, Tunapuna," she said.

"Woke up this morning to a gruesome discovery where 10 dogs were poisoned and were found dead at various locations," she added.

30-year-old Tunapuna woman is nation's fourth confirmed Zika case

The Ministry of Health has confirmed yet another case of Zika in Trinidad and Tobago, that of a 30-year-old Tunapuna woman.

The following is a statement from the Ministry of Health:

"The Ministry of Health, following consultation with the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) wishes to inform the public that one additional case of the Zika virus in Trinidad has been confirmed. This brings the total number of confirmed Zika cases in Trinidad to four. There are at this time, no confirmed cases in Tobago.