INTERNATIONAL: Turkey launches offensive in northern Syria with air strikes

Turkish warplanes have bombed parts of north-eastern Syria at the start of an offensive which could lead to conflict with Kurdish-led allies of the US.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the operation was to create a "safe zone" cleared of Kurdish militias which will also house Syrian refugees.

According to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), civilian areas came under attack from Turkish planes.

Turkish ground forces have also been massing on the border.

Griffith discusses police exchange programme with Turkish diplomats

Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, Her Excellency Nurdan Altuntas and Honorary Consul General for the Republic of Turkey in Trinidad and Tobago, Michael Llanos, today paid a courtesy call to Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

The Police Service says the meeting was held at the Office of the Commissioner of Police, Police Administration Building, Port-of-Spain.

Discussions centered on the possibility of an exchange programme between police officers from Trinidad and Tobago and Turkey.

12 T&T nationals deported from Turkey

Twelve Trinidad and Tobago nationals who were detained in Turkey will return to Trinidad this afternoon; the twelve includes men, women and children.

Deputy commissioner of police, Wayne Dick, says the twelve were deported, and upon arrival in Trinidad they will be questioned by members of the TTPS. 

The DCP says that no information regarding the reasons for their deportation has been given. 

DCP Dick also says the twelve persons will not be detained only interviewed, as there is currently no information linking them to ISIS. 

Nine Trinidad and Tobago nationals held in Turkey trying to join ISIS

Turkish authorities have nabbed a Syrian man suspected of trying to smuggle nine Trinidad and Tobago citizens from southern Turkey to the ISIS terrorist organization in Syria Monday, a report in the Turkish newspaper, "Daily Sabah" said.

The Trinidadians were traveling in a truck stopped by police on a tip-off that "foreigners" would join the terrorist organization active in Syria and Iraq.

Assem Hasseno, a Syrian suspect accused of transporting unidentified Trinidadians to Syria, was detained while the group was deported after they were questioned.

Four T&T ISIS fighters captured by Turkish security forces

Four T&T nationals are among 961 foreign members of ISIS captured by Turkish security forces, according to an article published in Turkish newspaper, Hürriyet.

The newspaper referred to a list published in December of persons captured from 57 countries.

According to the newspaper, "intelligence sources speaking on condition of anonymity said strict measures had been taken at the border to prevent and catch foreign fighters trying to enter Turkey from Syria or vice versa, but admitted it was almost impossible to totally prevent illegal crossing.