US, UK express concerns about T&T's human rights status

The United States and the United Kingdom have both expressed some concerns about this country's human rights status and are both making recommendations in relation to police treatment of suspects, discrimination against women and attitude towards homosexuals.

The recommendations come as this country undergoes a review of its human right's record, at the 25th Universal Periodic Review in Geneva today.

UK updates travel advisory following murder of British cricketer

The United Kingdom has updated its travel advisory to this country, following the murder of a British national on Sunday.

The advisory takes note of the murder, stating, "A British national was murdered after being robbed at gunpoint in the Mt D’Or area of Mt Hope in Trinidad on 10 April 2016".

22-year-old aspiring cricketer Adrian St John was shot and killed while vacationing here. 

Over 30 thousand British citizens come to this country annually.

UK's 'Evening Standard' publishes glowing article on Tobago

At a time when the economy of Tobago could do with a boost, just like it's bigger sibling Trinidad, a UK newspaper has published a glowing article about the island.

Patrick Barclay who visited Tobago for the British Airways Legends football tournament, looks at the island as an eco-tourism destination, putting a lot of focus on the Main Ridge rainforest - the world’s oldest legally protected forest reserve. 

"Most people go to Tobago expecting sun, sea and sand," the article began.