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Mondello promises to use federal agencies to target ISIS recruiting in T&T

Donald Trump's pick as ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago, Joseph Mondello, has told a Senate Foreign Affairs Committee that if confirmed, he would seek help from federal agencies to reduce the rate of ISIS recruiting in T&T and would urge T&T to drop its OAS support for Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.

Mondello, 80, also said he would address sex and drug trafficking and support human rights and women’s empowerment, during questioning on Wednesday.

Trump's nominee for US Ambassador to T&T faces Senate Committee next week

The man nominated to become the next United States Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago, Joseph Mondello, will appear before a U.S. Senate hearing on June 13, the Foreign Relations Committee said Wednesday.

Mondello, the former Nassau County Republican chairman, who stepped down on May 24 from the powerful party post that he held for 35 years, will be one of three of President Donald Trump’s nominees to appear before the panel chaired by Senator Marco Rubio.

Trump chooses his new US Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago

The longtime chairman of the Nassau County Republican Committee and former state GOP chair is President Donald Trump's choice to serve as U.S. ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago. 

The White House announced Monday that Joseph Mondello will be nominated for the post, which requires U.S. Senate confirmation.

He will assume the position if confirmed. 

Mondello, 80, has been chairman of the Nassau County Republican Committee since 1983.

He served as chair of the New York Republican State Committee from 2006 to 2009. 

Ambassador Estrada to resign

US Ambassador John Estrada will resign from his post according to established procedure when a new president is elected.

Ambassador Estrada issued this statement Wednesday morning, following the election victory of Donald Trump.

"Every time a new president is elected U.S. Ambassadors all over the world submit their resignation.

It is up to the new President‎ to either accept or reject these resignations.

I will submit my resignation, following long-established procedure.  

This would have happened no matter who was elected.