Usain Bolt

INTERNATIONAL: The 'Usain Bolt' of ants - the Saharan Silver Ant

The results are in: the fastest ant of all known ant species is the Saharan silver ant, moving at an incredible 855 millimetres (33 inches) per second—about three kilometres (almost two miles) an hour.

The six-legged insect can run 108 times its own body length per second, researchers reported in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

Bolt confirms he's already handed over 2008 relay gold medal due for team T&T

Usain Bolt has confirmed that he had already handed back the gold medal from the 100m relay at Beijing 2008 for it to be redistributed to Trinidad and Tobago, who were upgraded from silver. 

‘I took it back to the Jamaican Olympic Association,’ he said, 'so they have it now.' 

He was speaking to reporters after being crowned Laureus Sportsman of the Year for a record-equalling fourth time on Tuesday night, matching the achievement of Roger Federer and Serena Williams.

Who knows how it feels to beat Usain Bolt in an Olympic race? T&T's Rondel Sorrillo does

How can Usain Bolt be beaten and stopped from carving an even heftier slice of Olympic history?

How can he be prevented from crossing the line first in his signature event, the 200 metres?

The question is almost laughable, as miraculous perhaps as turning water into wine or getting politicians to admit they are wrong. How to beat Bolt at the Olympics? Who knows?