Vandana Mohit

Hindu community prays for the nation

Members of the Hindu Community recently held a special prayer event in which they offered up prayers for Trinidad and Tobago.

The event—which was held to observe the Hindu Solar Festival “Makar Sankranti”—took place on Sunday, January 19th 2020, at the Chaguanas Hindu Temple situated at the corner of Cumberbatch Street and the Main Road, Chaguanas.

Misogyny fuelling attacks on Chaguanas mayor

One women's rights activist says the shaming of new Chaguanas Mayor Vandana Mohit is outright misogyny and could even be domestic and sexual violence.

Amilcar Sanatan says it is time that form of misogyny is challenged.

According to the gender rights activist, whether you call it ‘slut shaming’ or ‘revenge porn’, what is being done to the new Chaguanas Mayor is something much worse and very serious.