Venezuelan nationals

38 Venezuelan nationals held in Woodbrook exercise

Thirty-eight Venezuelan nationals were arrested by officers of the Port of Spain Division during an anti-crime exercise conducted in the Woodbrook District early this morning.

The exercise was conducted  between 3:30am  and 6:00am, on Tuesday 11 February 2020,  at  a  nightclub  at  the  corner  Ariapita  Avenue  and  Carlos  Streets, Woodbrook.

A  search  of  the  establishment  resulted  in  29  female  and  nine  male Venezuelan  nationals  being  arrested.  Among  the  females,  five  were between the ages of 15 and 17.

Two Venezuelans shot within a three-day period

Two Venezuelans were shot and wounded within a three-day period in two separate incidents.

In the latest incident, at about 4 am on Tuesday, a Venezuelan man was walking along Ariapita Avenue in Woodbrook when a gunman approached him and attempted to rob him.

Police say the victim attempted to run away but was shot in the leg four times. The attacker then ran off.

The victim was taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital where he was treated and warded in a stable condition.

Cards for registered Venezuelan migrants being distributed

The National Security Ministry is reminding all Venezuelan nationals who participated in the Venezuelan Migrant Registration Programme earlier this year (between May 31 and June 14) that registration cards are still being distributed.

In a news release, the ministry is reminding those Venezuelan nationals who have not yet collected their registration cards, that the can now do so at the Immigration Division’s office on Richmond Street in Port of Spain.

More Venezuelan nationals intercepted by Coast Guard

More Venezuelan nationals have been intercepted in the Gulf of Paria by the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard (TTCG), attempting to enter the country illegally.

According to a release issued by the TTCG, just before one o’clock this morning, twenty-six Venezuelan nationals were caught in a pirogue named Dona Josafena, with registration ARSI 3685.

The pirogue’s occupants included thirteen (13) adult males, four (4) adult females and nine (9) children.

Two pregnant Venezuelan women among 28 intercepted in pirogue

Two pregnant Venezuelan women were among 28 Venezuelan nationals intercepted on a pirogue in T&T waters on Tuesday morning.

According to the T&T Coast Guard (TTCG), at about 1.30 am, coast guard officers—who were conducting maritime border patrols just off the West Coast in the Gulf of Paria—observed the pirogue sailing full speed towards the coastline.

The coast guard vessel intercepted the Venezuelan sea vessel named Doña Isabel (registration number ARSI PE 0159), west of Gasper Grande Island.

On board the officers found 18 males and 10 females.

Coast Guard: millions in narcotics intercepted in 2019

An estimated $110 million worth of narcotics has been seized by the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard (TTCG) for the year so far.

During a maritime operations patrol and media tour today, acting commanding officer of the TTCG, Don Polo, said just over 900 kilograms of marijuana and cocaine have been found in vessels intercepted by the coast guard.

Meanwhile, according to the acting commander, following the closure of the Venezuelan registration, over 400 Venezuelan nationals were detained and handed over to the Immigration Division.