4 kidnapped Venezuelan women rescued; held in fake police station

Four Venezuelan women who were held captive in a house in Diego Martin have been rescued by officers of the Special Operations Response Team(SORT).

The women were being kept in a house painted in the colours of a police station with the design of the Star of David on the gates.

Investigators told Guardian Media that three men in their mid-twenties were held for questioning after police raided the house.

Senior sources say that two of the Venezuelan women in their twenties went house hunting for a place to rent in the Four Roads area yesterday morning.

Venezuelan ferries keep coming as electrical blackout continues

With Venezuela entering its fifth day of an electrical blackout, Venezuelan ferries are operating as normal at the Cedros port. 

Around 2 pm, over 50 Venezuelans were waiting to be processed.

An Immigration source said two large vessels, fully booked, docked in Cedros on Monday. 

"A lot of vessels are registering right now for increased transportation. Due to power outrage in Venezuela, some paperwork could not be processed. We were expecting two more vessels but these could not be processed," the source added.

15 boats bringing Venezuelans stopped by Coast Guard in Matelot

National Security officials are reporting that 15 vessels attempting to bring in Venezuelan nationals in this country were intercepted and stopped as they made their way to the coast of Matelot this afternoon. 

Officials say Coast Guard and other officials were monitoring the coastline and spotted the vessels making their way to shore. 

While some escaped, officials say 6 Venezuelans were arrested.

Minister describes viral video of Venezuelans coming ashore as 'disturbing'

Minister of National Security Stuart Young has described a video showing what appears to be Venezuelan nationals being smuggled into this country, as disturbing.

But Minister Young says the authorities are working on increasing border protection.

The video is believed to have been shot in Los Iros.

It shows several people arriving by boat near a fishing village, making a dash inland with bags in their hands.

The boat then speeds off.

It is not clear when the video was shot but it began circulating on social media on Monday.