Integrity Commission asked to investigate procurement process for Galleons Passage

The Integrity Commission is being asked to investigate the procurement process used by Nidco to purchase the Galleons Passage ferry.

Specifically, the body is being asked to take a deeper look at the irregularities surrounding the acquisition of the brand new vessel.

Port Authority to charter then purchase new cargo vessel to service Tobago

The Port Authority of T&T (PATT) will be chartering a cargo vessel for the Tobago service for three years and will also be buying a new cargo vessel, Works Minister Rohan Sinanan confirmed yesterday.

“This is to ensure the inter-island ferry service would not be jeopardised in the future,” Sinanan said in the Senate while replying to Opposition queries concerning reports about the imminent recall of the Super Fast Galicia cargo vessel from the Tobago ferry service.

The Galicia’s impending departure has caused concern among stakeholders, including business people.