Two pregnant Venezuelan women among 28 intercepted in pirogue

Two pregnant Venezuelan women were among 28 Venezuelan nationals intercepted on a pirogue in T&T waters on Tuesday morning.

According to the T&T Coast Guard (TTCG), at about 1.30 am, coast guard officers—who were conducting maritime border patrols just off the West Coast in the Gulf of Paria—observed the pirogue sailing full speed towards the coastline.

The coast guard vessel intercepted the Venezuelan sea vessel named Doña Isabel (registration number ARSI PE 0159), west of Gasper Grande Island.

On board the officers found 18 males and 10 females.

New vessel scheduled to sail this week

Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan has assured that everything is on schedule for the Jean De La Valette (JDLV) to set sail this week. 

Minister Sinanan is on the record as saying the vessel would be setting sail on “the weekend of July 15”.

In a brief telephone interview with Guardian Media Tuesday, Sinanan assured that the necessary preparations are being made for the sailing to occur but could not give an exact date. 

Spirit makes it to Port-of-Spain following fuel-leak delay

The T&T Spirit has made it to Trinidad in spite of a fuel leak that caused a delay in Tobago.

 The Port Authority says the Spirit left Scarborough today at 7.57am with 455 passengers and 111 vehicles.

The vessel was delayed due to a fuel leak on the Starboard Outer Main Engine side which was rectified by the vessel’s and night maintenance crews.

The vessel arrived into Port-of-Spain at 10.50 am.

Port Authority to charter then purchase new cargo vessel to service Tobago

The Port Authority of T&T (PATT) will be chartering a cargo vessel for the Tobago service for three years and will also be buying a new cargo vessel, Works Minister Rohan Sinanan confirmed yesterday.

“This is to ensure the inter-island ferry service would not be jeopardised in the future,” Sinanan said in the Senate while replying to Opposition queries concerning reports about the imminent recall of the Super Fast Galicia cargo vessel from the Tobago ferry service.

The Galicia’s impending departure has caused concern among stakeholders, including business people.