WASA: Vandalism affecting water supply in North East Trinidad

Parts of North East Trinidad are without pipe-borne water at present because of a problem at the  Aripo  Water  Treatment  Plant.

And an official statement from the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) is advising that the issue won’t be fully solved until Thursday 13 February, 2020.

According to the statement, WASA says the disruption in the normal pipe borne water supply is due to the facility being out of operation, following an act of vandalism.

Depot Road Farmers need pond dredged...Ministry promises help

Farmers at Depot Road in Longdenville are calling on an intervention from the Ministry of Agriculture to assist in the irrigation of their crops as there is no pipe-borne water.

The farmers, who have been accessing water via a pond, are predicting severe drought for the 2020 Dry Season, similar to what they experienced last year.

The existing pond is filled with silt and is in dire need of dredging.

Update on Guanapo Landfill

The Guanapo Landfill is expected to resume regular operations today.

A statement from the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development indicates that several regional corporations spent the weekend working jointly with SWMCOL teams, as well as the T&T Fire Service and WASA, on smoke and fire suppression initiatives at the site.

The landfill's operations were shut down last Wednesday January 29th, because of a fire on the site.

WASA: Disruption in water supply in parts of South East Trinidad

WASA is advising customers in parts of south-east Trinidad that there would be an interruption in their pipe borne water supply on Thursday, January 16th between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

The authority says this is to facilitate emergency repairs to a defective 16-inch diameter valve.

Areas to be affected include:

New Grant

WASA leak again outside Massy Stores

Thousands of gallons of water went down the drain after another water leak developed outside Massy Superstores in La Romaine over the weekend.

The leak caused damage to the Gulf View Link Road, and resulted in slush gushing down into residents’ properties.

Doubles vendor Johnathan Ramkhelawan said when he arrived to set up his stall at 6:30am, he saw the water flowing.

"It was a small leak and then it got worse. The water overflowing since last night. It is really deep now," Ramkhelawan said.

He said there were two water leaks within recent times.

Wharf Trace gets water for Christmas

It is going to be a merry Christmas after all for close to a hundred households of Upper Wharf Trace in Maracas / St Joseph.

After almost 15 years of not having a pipe-borne supply of water, the residents will now have additional tanks installed in their community.

WASA employee falls ill… causes accident

One man has been hospitalised following a freak accident involving six vehicles, in the capital this morning.

Eyewitnesses told us that at around 7 o’clock, a man driving a WASA van sped up at a red light onto traffic which had the right-of-way, and collided with an Almera vehicle.

However, the van did not stop there as the driver’s foot was on the accelerator and pushed the Almera onto more cars—hitting five more in the process.

When the van eventually came to a stop, the engine was still revving, which meant the man's foot was still on the accelerator.

WASA: Service disruption in South-West Trinidad on Thursday

WASA customers  in  parts  of  South-West Trinidad will be without pipe  borne  water tomorrow, Thursday 19 December, for most of the day.

A release from WASA explains that the supply interruption is necessary, in order to  facilitate  emergency  repairs  to  a  leaking  30-inch  diameter transmission pipeline at the Compere River Crossing, Mosquito Creek.

The disruption is expected to run between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 midnight.

WASA works in Diego Martin tonight

The  Water  and  Sewerage  Authority (WASA)  is advising  motorists and  members of the  general  public  of  traffic  restrictions  in  Four  Roads,  Diego  Martin tonight from 8:00, and into tomorrow at 4:00 a.m.

The restrictions will be along  the  Diego Martin  Highway—the Southbound  Carriageway  out  of  Diego  Martin—in the  vicinity  of  the Victoria  Keys  Development.

WASA says this has become necessary in order to facilitate emergency repairs to a leaking 6-inch diameter pipeline.

Water service disruption in Central on Thursday

Parts of Central Trinidad served by the Carlsen Field Water Treatment Plant will have their pipe borne water supply interrupted on Thursday 12 December, between the hours of 9.00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) says this has become necessary in order to carry out planned maintenance works at the facility.

Customers  are  reminded  that once maintenance is complete, it  may  take  up  to  24  hours  for  the  service  to normalize  to  some  affected  areas,  in  accordance  with  pipe  borne  water  supply schedules.