WASA investigates claim of criminals using WASA uniforms

The Water and Sewage Authority is currently investigating a claim on social media that criminals are posing as WASA employees to get access to private residences for the purpose of robbing them.

WASA Communications Manager Daniel Plenty says the authority is looking into the claims but is asking the public to come forward with any information as to where the alleged instances have happened. 

The allegation went viral on instant messaging platform, What's App.

In the recording, a male voice is heard referring to an incident he said happened not far from where he was.

Fire at WASA Headquarters in St. Joesph

A fire broke out at WASA's headquarters in St. Joseph today.
According to our sources, the blaze began in the registry department on the second floor of the main administration building.

CNC3 understands the blaze was contained to the second floor which also houses the corporate communications and health and safety departments.

Fire officials say the blaze began shortly before five this afternoon.
We are told that the I-T department and data centre are located on the third floor directly above the blaze.

Residents evacuated following leak at WASA Paramin Plant

A chlorine leak at WASA's Paramin Base Station has forced the evacuation of some residents of Woodbine Gardens, Maraval.

WASA says the evacuation was precautionary and the authority explains that within minutes of receiving the call at seven o'clock this morning, it was able to contain the leak.

WASA's Communications Manager Daniel Plenty says residents have since been given the all clear to return to their homes.