Adverse Weather Alert in effect from Wednesday to Thursday

The Met Office has issued an Adverse Weather Alert to take effect from 10 am on Wednesday to 8pm on Thursday.
It has raised the alert level to yellow.
It says periods of rainfall and thunderstorm activity are likely.
Street/flash flooding, gusty winds and landslides/landslips are possible near heavy showers and thunderstorms.
The Met Office says this activity is associated with the ITCZ and conditions may become intense during the outlined period.

Change in Adverse Weather Alert; it now takes effect from midday today

The Met Office has adjusted its Adverse Weather Alert, from the period Thursday to Friday, pulling it up by 24 hours to now go in effect from midday Wednesday.
The alert level remains at yellow.
The Met Office says there is a 70% chance of intermittent heavy showers or thunderstorms during the period, which may lead to street/flash flooding as well as landslides/landslips in areas so prone.
Gusty winds can also be experienced in the vicinity of heavy downpours.

Met Office cancels Adverse Weather Alert

The Met Office has canceled the Adverse Weather Alert and has returned the level to green.
The Met Office says that weather conditions have improved considerably.
However, the Riverine Alert remains at orange.
The statement said that river levels are currently near threshold values in some parts, especially along the Caroni basin and flooding is ongoing in certain regions as well.

Met Office: Tropical Wave approaching T&T over next 24 hours

The Met Office is advising of an active Tropical Wave east of Trinidad and Tobago that will pass over the islands in the next 24 hours.

The Met Office says the Wave has a 60% chance of heavy showers and thundershowers in some areas.

The following is a bulletin issued by the Met Office.

"An active Tropical Wave is currently located east of Trinidad and Tobago with accompanying showers and thundershowers.

Tobago Blue Food Festival is on

Information from the Meteorological Office of Trinidad and Tobago suggests that Tobago is no longer at great risk from severe weather conditions, as the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) has since passed over the island and no longer threatens severe or heavy rainfall.

However, persons are being advised to continue being vigilant and cautious and to take the necessary measures to ensure personal safety.

Director of TEMA, Allan Stewart, has advised that while Tobago is now outside the danger zone, showers are expected throughout the day.

Adverse weather to continue

Weather forecast courtesy the TTMS for the period this afternoon and tonight.

Cloudy to overcast with frequent periods of light to moderate showers or rain over broad areas.

Some of these showers can become heavy and thundery.

Conditions should gradually settle from evening with lingering showers overnight of which some can become heavy or thundery.


Adverse Weather Alert In Effect: Orange Level! Riverine Flood Alert In Effect: Red Level!