Misogyny fuelling attacks on Chaguanas mayor

One women's rights activist says the shaming of new Chaguanas Mayor Vandana Mohit is outright misogyny and could even be domestic and sexual violence.

Amilcar Sanatan says it is time that form of misogyny is challenged.

According to the gender rights activist, whether you call it ‘slut shaming’ or ‘revenge porn’, what is being done to the new Chaguanas Mayor is something much worse and very serious.

Womantra lashes out at PM for "victim-blaming"

Woman's rights group Womantra has lashed out at Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley calling for an immediate apology to all the women of the nation for a "terrible lack of judgment and faulty reasoning" steeped in a culture of misogyny that blames women.

The group disagrees that women are killed due to their bad choices in men but instead because their lives are not valued as much as male aggression and the ownership of female bodies.

In a Facebook post, Womantra writes:

Womantra stands in defense of gymnasts

Women’s activists group, Womantra, is taking issue with the actions of the Trinidad and Tobago Gymnasts Federation.

The federation initiated disciplinary action against Thema Williams and Marissa Dick, after topless photos of the athletes surfaced in the public domain.

In a release today the women’s rights group is describing the decision as body policing, character assassination and misogyny.

Earlier this year, Thema Williams posted a topless post of herself on her instagram page captioned “being black women is an honour..always”.

Mayor Tim Kee must go

Women's rights group Womantra today delivered a letter to the office of Port of Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee demanding that he demit office.

The group was not able to meet with the mayor, but its demonstration on the doorstep to his office sent a clear message to Mr Tim Kee.

The women said the mayor's comments were disgusting and perpetuate the harassment which they have to live with every day in society.

Womantra also says it is not happy with the Prime Minister's stance on the issue.