PNM Women's League takes a turn at UNC Women's League on Darryl Smith issue

The PNM Women's League has accused the UNC Women's League of hypocrisy over its stance on the controversy surrounding the dismissal of Darryl Smith as a Cabinet minister.

The PNM women say the UNC women need to "recall the many unscrupulous failings during their tenure as well as their inability to govern".

The following is a statement issued on Wednesday by the PNM's Women's League.

"Hypocrisy is the mother of all evil and once again the People’s National Movement Women’s League must caution the women of the UNC to examine the log in their party’s eye. 

PM hosts breakfast in honour of International Women's Day

A wide cross-section of women representing several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) throughout Trinidad and Tobago gathered at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s to celebrate International Women’s Day today.

The breakfast meeting was hosted by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and Mrs. Sharon Rowley. 

Prime Minister Rowley in his welcome address indicated that women in Trinidad and Tobago continue to progress despite the challenges facing the nation and that women’s issues are indeed national issues as they impact everyone.

PM meets with women activists today

Despite often being criticised for being disrespectful to women, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley says he will be sitting down with several women activists today for “frank discussions” on improving the plight of women.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Rowley said the breakfast meeting will take place today at the Diplomatic Centre and will be geared to improving the quality of life for women in T&T.